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Should I upgrade to Solid State?

Solid state hard disks rely on memory chips to store data as opposed to a spinning magnetic disk used in a conventional hard disk.  Whilst solid state drive offer speed benefits to traditional hard disks they are smaller than conventional hard disks and also are more expensive.

Is solid state quicker than conventional drives?

Yes solid state drives offer a good performance increase over standards drives. There are lots of tech specs and different specs of solid state drives.  Some cheaper solid state drives do not offer the performance you would expect so it is worthwhile talking to a computer world expert to help best choose the drive that suits your needs.  Forgetting all the tech specs and in a real world scenario SSD are fantastic when it comes to boot up time, restarting your computer and general use.  I would say that upgrading to a SSD gives your computer a hefty speed increase and smooths out the pauses and waits you can get whilst using your PC. When considering an upgrade to speed up your computer I would say SSD is in the top three of best upgrades to do alongside with memory and processor upgrade.

Should I upgrade to solid state

If you want a good speed boost and smooth out pauses and boot time then the answer is certainly yes!  If you are limited on budget and/or require lots of storage space then you will have to weigh the costs.  You can however opt for a hybrid dual drive setup where you use a solid state for boot drive where the operating system is stored so you achieve a big performance increase and a regular hard disk as a storage drive, this will give you the best of both world.

Is it easy to upgrade my computer?

With a solid state upgrade you will need an operating system that supports the drive technology fully. At Computer World we recommend using Windows7 or Windows8.  Solid state drives usually are laptop hard disk size 2.5” so in a desktop PC you may need a caddy convertor so it fits securely in a standard 3.5” bay.  We always recommend a re-install of your operating system to minimise quirks of transferring an operating system plus you get the added benefits of a nice clean operating system.

Do you supply solid state hard disks

Yes we can custom build a PC with any size Solid state hard disks, upgrade you existing laptop or PC or supply a new or used laptop with solid state hard disk upgrade, pleas as a Computer World expert we are always happy to help and can advise you the best fit computer storage solution for your needs.


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