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Computer World Colwyn Bay, over 20 years in business

Computer Repairs

Is your computer running slow? No problem we fix all types and brands of Desktop PC.

Laptop Repairs

We repair all kinds of faults on laptops, broken screens, faulty keywords and more!

Networking & Wi-Fi

Internet connection issues? Software problems stopping internet or a simple USB adapter, we can help!

Virus Scans & Removal

Unwanted popup's, Junk and malware removals to get your machine back running as it should.

Business Support

Advice, remote or on-site support can be arranged.

Remote Support

Remote access to your machine if possible to fix problems remotely to save bringing in your machine!

Computer Repairs​

Expert Computer Repair Service

At Computer World, we specialise in comprehensive computer repair services that tackle a wide array of issues. Whether it’s hardware upgrades, software installations, or operating system repairs, our technicians are equipped to handle it all. We also offer data recovery and backup solutions to ensure your important files are safe. With our emergency repair services, you can rest easy knowing that we’re always just a call away.

Laptop Repairs​

We fix all Brands of Laptops

Laptop issues can be incredibly frustrating, but at Computer World, we make the repair process smooth and hassle-free. From screen and keyboard replacements to battery diagnostics and hard drive upgrades, we cover all the bases. Our experts are skilled in troubleshooting software issues and providing effective solutions, ensuring that your laptop is back to its optimal performance in no time.

Networking & Wi-Fi​

Off the shelf & Custom Spec Available

A robust network is the backbone of any home or business, and that’s where Computer World comes in. We offer complete networking solutions, including design, setup, and maintenance. Our team can install routers and switches, extend Wi-Fi range, and even set up VPNs for enhanced security. With our bandwidth optimization and guest network setup services, you can enjoy a seamless internet experience.

Virus Scans & Removal​

Quality Tested & Warrantied Second User Equpiment

We offer the very best and efficient Virus and malware removal services. We can clean your PC whilst making sure your data is kept safe and sound.  We have over 20 year experience in resoloving computer issues related to Malware, Spyware and Virus infections, and use the latest method and software to effectivly remove infections and offer advice on security & Virus protection software.

Business Support​

Keeping Your Business Moving

Running a business comes with its own set of challenges, and IT shouldn’t be one of them. Computer World offers specialized business support services to keep your operations running smoothly. From IT consultations and server maintenance to network architecture planning and security audits, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your business needs.

Remote Support​

Get support FAST with Remote Support!

Sometimes, you need immediate assistance, and that’s exactly what our Remote Support service offers. With secure remote access, our technicians can troubleshoot issues, install software, and even remove viruses without setting foot in your home or office. Our remote support service ensures that you’re never left stranded, no matter the issue.

New Tech

Off the shelf & Custom Spec


Processor: AMD Ryzen | RAM: 8GB | Hard Disk: 256SSD | Screen Size: 15.6 | Windows 11



Processor:  Intel i3 | RAM: 8GB  | Hard Disk: 256GB | Screen Size: 15.6″| Windows 11


New In

Built to spec! Ryzen / Intel CPU | 8/16/32/64/128GB RAM | Storage to Suit SSD/HDD Combinations | GPU of choice | Quality PSU and Coolling | Case of your choice!


New In

Processor: i3 12th Gen | RAM: 8GB | Hard Disk: 500GB SSD| Windows 11 Home



Processor: | RAM: | Hard Disk: | Screen Size: | Windows 11



Processor: | RAM: | Hard Disk: | Screen Size: | Windows 11


Used Tech

Quality Tested & Warrantied

New In

SSD Boot Drive | Full HD Screen | HDMI & DP over C Output | Webcam w/Privacy Shutter | LAN, WLAN & BT | USB3 & C  | Micro SD Slot | Backlit Keyboard



Processor: Intel i5 8th Gen| RAM: 8GB| Hard Disk: 120GB | Screen Size: 14″ Full HD | Windows 11 Pro


New In

Various Windows 10 Refurb Desktop Towers
Processor:  Dual/Quad Core | RAM: 8GB Minimum | Hard Disk:  SSD & HDD Storage | Windows 10

£from £115


SSD Boot Drive | Full HD Screen | HDMI Output | USB3/C | WLAN & BT | Webcam w/Privacy Shutter


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